Alcohol fuels have been shown to greatly reduce emissions to the environment. Smoke and particle production is very low and alcohols are easy to produce sustainable greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Methanol engines for large commercial shipping is currently used commercially both in two-stroke and four stroke applications. Methanol is also currently being tested with 13-litre engines on a Pilot boat with an engine similar to what is used on some smaller commercial boats, yachts and land based working machinery and trucks.

Greenboat will address the smaller segment of primarily recreational crafts. Engines from three different segments will be converted to methanol in the projects. The resulting conversions will be tested in terms of emissions and drivability with the aim of having prototypes for commercialisation of the engines. The engine types that will be converted are:

The technology aspects are to a high degree a continuation of the GreenPilot and Summeth projects.

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ScandiNAOS Nimbus Mariestads Sjoservice Energimyndigheten